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A Better Life Doesn’t Mean a Perfect Life

When I tell you that you can create a better life, I don’t mean you will create a perfect life.Rebecca Blackburn Life Coach

Perfection is not the point.  

Creating a better life definitely has a lot to do with improving, being in more control of yourself, pushing yourself to new levels, and developing new ways of thinking and living.

But that’s not all of it.  

None of that matters if you don’t have inner peace.

 Creating a better life means finding self-acceptance.

 If you’re always judging yourself or thinking you should do better…
If you’re judging others for not helping or doing what they should do…
If you think you are always behind and out of control…

It’s time to make peace with yourself and the world around you.

I like to call out and accept all the judgment.  

You are a human.  You are scattered.  Your brain works quickly and it’s messy sometimes.  Your work is never done at home or at work. Maybe you are loud, get frustrated easily, hate kids’ birthday parties, and drink too much on weekends.  

You are also smart, funny, hardworking, and amazing.  You manage to work your face off at work, manage a household, go to all the social events, and still get to the gym a couple of days a week. 

You suck AND you are hardcore awesome.

You are both.  

Can you accept that?   

Let’s not strive for perfection.  Let’s strive for acceptance and inner peace.

So today when you step over the pile of laundry as you race out the door so you can make it to work on time – focus on the win.  You made it out the door.

As far as the things that didn’t get done today…they will be there tomorrow.  And that’s okay. 

You, my friend, are imperfectly perfect.  

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