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Hello, I’m Rebecca.

An entrepreneur, a wife, a mom, a positive-realist, and a Life Coach who is dedicated to helping you to have it all – and feel good while doing it.

There was a time when I seriously doubted myself.

I thought I just wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship. I was raised by entrepreneurs, so you would think that I would be prepared for all the challenges that come along with this life. I knew all about hard work, customer service, financial responsibility, and most importantly, grit. Turns out, that’s the easy part. It was the emotional roller coaster that I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR.

How come no one warned me about the mind games that come along with owning your own business?

No one! I saw what stress looked like on the outside – frustration, hard work, meetings upon meetings, little time for enjoyment – but I had no idea what was happening on the inside. I felt this with each business, and even more so when I added my family into the mix.

I felt guilty for not being with my family. I felt guilty for not being at work. No one told me that I would become a horrible parent because there’s simply not enough time to raise kids and a business. You guys, there was a time I forgot to go to my child’s parent-teacher conference! I became a horrible ‘self’ because all I did was remind myself of everything I did wrong for the day. Can you imagine what kind of a spouse I was? ( Oh, not to mention my spouse is also my business partner. He sure was lucky.)

I was swimming in overwhelm. There simply wasn’t enough of me to go around. I found myself struggling to make it all happen. I could no longer keep all the balls in the air. Although I felt like I was giving my all, not one part of my life was getting enough. I felt out of control.

Enough was enough.

Finally, I decided to quit. I could not go on like this. Even though it felt like it might be the easiest way out, I wasn’t willing to quit my business. I for sure wasn’t going to quit my family.

I decided I was going to quit feeling like the worst version of me.

It was time to make some changes. People were counting on me. Even more importantly – I was counting on me. I knew I had to get my head straight and get out of my own way.

I believed it was possible to have a successful business and an amazing life, and it was up to me to make it happen.

So I did it.

I learned how to quit “reacting” to the world around me and I decided to create the world I wanted.

I took control of my time and made conscious decisions on how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

I stopped complaining when things didn’t go my way and I opened my mind to possible solutions.

I stopped blaming others and my business for my unhappiness and took ownership – which gave me so much power.

I am in control of me.

I was right. You can have a successful business and an amazing life – and then some.

Let me show you how.

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