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It’s Time to Fire Yourself

Rebecca Blackburn CoachingI recently sat down with myself and decided I was no longer a good fit for the position.

The “employee of my life” position.

I have become a very powerful CEO in my life.  I set goals. Push limits. Take chances. I am very clear on what I want for my future and I am going after it. 

I am very comfortable being in this position. 

The problem was that every time I took a step toward my goal, I had this voice in my head that was complaining, dreading, or wishing it were easier.

It felt like I was dragging myself along. It was painful.

Do you ever feel that way?

If so, you’ll LOVE what I did and you should do it for yourself.

I sat down and I made a list of how I was not being a good employee to my CEO self.

  • Whining and complaining
  • Didn’t have the CEO’s back
  • Wanted to do enough to “get by”
  • Identified more with past life
  • Afraid of falling back into “hustle mode”
  • Felt tired and exhausted
  • Wished it were easier

 Then I made a list of what I needed from an employee.

  • Supportive
  • Has the CEO’s back
  • Thrives on high performance
  • Strives to be the CEO
  • Future Focused
  • Engaged
  • Confident and collected
  • Grateful to be a part of this journey
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Believes anything is possible

Then I said to my employee self – (on paper and in my mind, of course)

Dear employee, you have been AMAZING to have for so long.  Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey and thank you for being a part of mine.  I love you and I wish you the best, but at this moment, our goals do not align.  I must let you go now. 


I immediately hired a new employee.  

It is me!  But a new version of me.  

I hired the new employee that is ready to have the CEO’s back.  The employee who is pumped about the CEO’s idea and vision.   

Sometimes the old employee shows up and my new employee quickly steps up and has my back.  She comes prepared with new thoughts like “You’ll never regret going to the gym. You’ve got this.” Or “It’s hard for some people, but not CEO’s like you.”  

She is amazing!! 

I had to recognize the old employee. I had to let go of that version of me so I could intentionally and wholeheartedly step into the new role. 

You can do this for yourself.  You can let go of the past version of you so you can embrace and empower the person you are today. You will move faster and more powerfully toward your goals. 


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